This ‘Yummy Idea’ Talks About Kitchen Hygiene & Food Safety During Corona Pandemic

Have you been dreaming of a career in the food industry but cannot yet imagine yourself becoming a top chef? Read this…

It’s true that not everyone has the fortune to start their business with a prosperous plan. Talking specifically about the food sector, thanks to platforms like The Yummy Idea that are giving foodpreneurs a chance to showcase their talent on a bigger platform and encouraging them to share their unique and delicious experiments with a wide audience.

The Cauldron Sisters came across The Yummy Idea last week when its founders Radhika and Tushar announced a webinar for home-chefs. The mission of the live session was to clear the basics of working from home as a chef and also educate them about the many responsibilities of a Food Business Operator, irrespective of where one’s working from.

Joining the webinar were many aspiring chefs along with those who wanted to channel their inner foodies. We also joined the session to interact with Kulbhooshan Bhati and understand the subject of personal hygiene better. We can now say that the 1.5-hour long webinar indeed got us more clarity on the basics like how to wash hands, how to dispose and remove contaminated gloves, etc.

However, for us, the most relevant part of the conversation was discussing if COVID-19 spreads through food. Mr Bhati said, “There is no reported evidence that this virus gets transmitted through food. However, because it can survive on hard surfaces, it’s good to be cautious.”

“Wash your fruits and vegetables thoroughly before bringing them inside the kitchen and leave the other ration packets untouched for more than 14 hours,” he added.

Talking about food safety tips during grocery shopping, the expert suggested to:

  • Wipe the shopping cart or basket with a disinfectant first.
  • Examine the fresh produce like vegetables and fruits with your eyes instead of touching every piece.
  • Clean the re-usable shopping bags before bringing them inside the house.

During the open discussion, the listeners, a majority of them who’re registered with The Yummy Idea, popped some queries on how they can ensure safe packaging and handing-over the food parcel to their customers during the COVId-19 panic. To which Mr Garg answered, “We need to focus on a delivery process that involves no human touch. Social distancing must be strictly followed in case you’re accepting cash payment. Considering the seriousness of the situation, online payment is a more preferred way right now.”

Later, while addressing the transformation the food industry has undergone in the light of this outbreak and forecasting the upcoming trends, the host and the speaker informed the listeners about the huge opportunity we all have ahead of us. “Undoubtedly, the pandemic is an unfortunate period. However, we should focus on its positive outcomes like the expansion of the online market. For those of you who want to work from home and sell homemade dishes from the comfort of your kitchens, going online is the best solution. Digitalisation is the future and one can already begin making the most of it,” assured Mr Garg.

Online platforms like these are a driving force behind launching hidden talents and developing their confidence. If you’re someone who’s passionate about cooking, it’s about time you think of turning it into a legit career.

Cauldron Sisters researched a little more on The Yummy Idea and found out that it is one of the fastest-growing communities of professional, budding and home chefs. Its aim is to help these chefs build their online presence and while at it, introduce its customers to various home-cooked flavours.

Seriously, how amazing is the thought of sitting at home, looking for home-chefs in your city and getting to try their unique recipes! We cannot wait to explore The Yummy Idea’s app!

In case you’re wondering, this app has the following user-friendly features that allow customers to:

  • Search by dish or chef near their location
  • Order for the same day or pre-book orders for future dates with their favourite chefs
  • Call chefs directly to explain the requirements
  • Browse the categories such as traditional, bakery, yummy food & combos
  • Customize order with ‘Wish Your Own Dish’ feature
  • View nearest chefs on the map to know chefs in their vicinity

During their interview with ‘Finely Chopped,’ founders Radhika and Tushar said, “As a platform, it completes the missing cycle for Home Chefs. It is a self-empowering and user-friendly tool that helps home chefs build their profile, showcase their work and connect with their customers directly. In the era where trust, hygiene, authenticity lay the foundation of one’s relationship with customers, Yummy idea process allows all the home chefs to establish & get their visibility in their neighbourhood reflecting all the above key points to an unknown customer in a very unique way!”

According to them, usually, the customers first want to know about the chef before ordering from their kitchen and that’s exactly what The Yummy Idea is doing and promoting.

GOOD NEWS: The Yummy Idea is coming up with a wonderful opportunity for the home chefs called “All India Home Chef Cooking Contest.” This will be judged by Chef Ranveer Brar, Celebrity Chef and Master Chef India Judge, Chef Ashish Bhasin, Executive Chef, Leela Ambience Gurugram and Chef Prem Ram, Joint Secretary, Indian Culinary Forum (ICF). The competition is one of its kind and will be held online. Home Chefs across India will make their Yummy profile to give themselves a kick start. They will be competing for various titles and will be judged based on the dishes and complete profile. Go, participate!




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