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Tushar Sharma

Identifying my barriers & converting inhibitions to strengths! “As a part of Hoteliers 50 program I learned to control my emotional barriers and accomplish my emotions into my strength.”
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Sarvesh Naik

Coming out of my comfort zone and emerging as a confident professional! “I am really proud of how I have moved from not even clicking selfies to recording videos talking confidently and putting it out for people to watch. There are times when I fail terribly and I know there is so much room for[...]
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Sourabh Dhankar

A catalyst to boost my confidence and receptivity to nurture my weak areas Hotelier 50 is like a catalyst that I needed in my life to boost my morale, my ability to teamwork and also my ability to introspect. It has helped me be more self-confident even in the course of my day to day[...]
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