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Dr. Chef Saurabh Sharma

To promote our culinary heritage we have to support our home chef and make them understand how important they are for society. The objective of “THE YUMMY IDEA” is to educate and motivate the talented Home-chefs to target a wider audience for promotion of their food related events and provide them to better business opportunities.[...]
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Chef Nellu Kaura

Cooking is now not only the task for women to cook for their families but also a medium of earning livelihood for both men and women. In this case, The Yummy Idea is the best platform to showcase the Culinary skills and also, an amazing way to promote the food related business. It also helps[...]
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Chef Jerson Fernandes

The Yummy Idea is an exclusive portal, of home cooking adventures by talented home-cooks. This self-empowering virtual platform will present the diversity and authenticity of food experiences; with professional chefs mentoring those united by their common love – Food, while also facilitating social and economic opportunities.
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Chef Gautam Chaudhry

I must complement the curators of this beautiful platform. This is a great platform which helps nurturing the talent of cooking. For non-professional cooks, the future is bright and you would learn so much. Keep learning and keep cooking…
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Chef Ashish Bhasin

Corporate world is very different from home world. The way they process food in their own style, the learning from their ancestors is very special and unique. The Yummy Idea is a platform which cater out the challenges of Home chefs and most importantly the visibility in their neighborhood is key which The Yummy Idea[...]
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