Yes you can. We totally understand that due to the busy schedule people like to pre-book their meals. With our application you can just go on order later and book any meal/dish for a future date at a time that suits you.
It typically takes 5-10 mins for the chef to do a conformation. In some cases chef might take longer due to some prior commitments, but we encourage prompt responses from their side. For any urgencies you can always call them up.
Wish your own dish is designed to make any request to all the chefs in your vicinity. Suppose you want a lunch catering for a corporate event of 50 people you can place your request and it can go to all the home chefs in your locality. Then, once the request has been sent you will get replies with price and specifications, you may or may not opt to order with them. If you can also wish your own dish from the profile or call a chef if you want to make a request to a particular chef. Wish your own doesn’t have any restrictions you can wish anything that may be or may not be on a chefs menu
The Yummy Idea has started on a pan India basis. We are still a growing firm and might not have a chef in a particular location. If there aren’t any chefs in your location, wait we will get there. You can also change your location a bit to find chefs wo might be a little far off but might take your order.
We encourage all our chefs to complete the orders they have agreed to but it might happen due to some unavoidable circumstances. Even if he/she cancels the order a proper reasoning will be asked from the chef. If it’s not a prepaid order then it simply gets cancelled. However if it’s prepaid, the chef will return the amount in full.
We are a home chef platform. Our homechefs make everything customised and from scratch when the order reaches them. Because they are making most of their dishes freshly on order for you hence, they sometimes have longer preparation timelines than a restaurant.
Just download The Yummy Idea App and register as a chef (Love Cooking category), there you will be asked to fill a small form of your general details. Once the form is complete your profile will come under verification. The Yummy Idea team will contact you for verification. As soon as the verification process is done (takes 5 minutes), you will be able to access your chef dashboard.
Normally it takes less than 24 hours for our team to contact you. Your account will be verified after a short call. In case there is some help needed/delay, please feel free to contact us on +919667432702.
The Yummy Idea focuses on making the home chefs empowered in terms of the way they work and provide them financial independence. We do not charge any commission whatever your order amount may be for a month. You can rotate any amount of orders from our application. We have a no questions asked policy!
The Yummy Idea is the fastest growing community of home chefs. It is not only providing the home chefs with a virtual market place to build their own profile but also, a social interaction interface where chefs can get inspired and motivated by what peers are doing. Our food feed feature allows you to share ideas and ask for suggestions regarding recipes and techniques.